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Why Hire a Shelby County Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Posted by Erik Fine | May 01, 2020 | 0 Comments


Why should I hire a lawyer?

Whether you accept it or not, the law is blind. You may have seen the symbol of Justice, Lady Justicia, holding a balance while blindfolded.  It is meant to symbolize that justice is blind to issues other than evidence properly admitted or proven in court and that we are all equal before the law regardless of our station in life.  At least that's the way the judicial system is designed to be, right?  But we live in the real world, not Fantasy Land.

If you have been accused and charged in a case, you may experience significant losses, and it may not be possible to recover from that point. Criminal lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and authority to represent your case regardless of what the allegations are

If you think lawyers cost too much, the price you will pay for not having one is much higher. If you are reading this, you're probably in need of a criminal defense lawyer.

For the sake of time, I'm limiting the reasons as to why I believe you need a good criminal defense lawyer to only the most important ones. So here are the top 7 reasons why criminal lawyers are necessary:

1. Knowledge of the judicial system
2. Assist you during police interrogations
3. Examining the evidence and witnesses correctly
4. Proposing the proper bail applications
5. Presenting your defense
6. Saving you mentally and financially
7. Protecting your future

However, a little elaboration on each reason can be useful to make you understand further.

1. Knowledge of the Judicial System

The judicial system adheres to ridged procedures with consistency, efficiency, and process. If you've ever been in a court, you may know that the court speaks a different language than what ordinary people do.

These legal terms can be so confusing that even the people that work in courts may not know about it. These codes and conducts can discourage you from taking many crucial steps.

Criminal defense lawyers have studied and practiced in the judicial system for years. They have the utmost knowledge of the judicial system.

So, if you're preparing to defense against a criminal charge or allegation of a crime, it is would be wise to get assistance from a top Shelby County criminal defense lawyer.

2. Assist You During Police Interrogations

Police interrogation is one of the fundamental parts of any case. Once you're accused in a crime, law enforcers such as police may ask you to participate in an interrogation.

Note that this part may include some extremely complex questions. If you make any mistakes, you will mess up the entire future of the case. The stakes are quite high, and its usual to feel a sense of nervousness while meeting with the police. The chances are that you will end up saying something that you shouldn't. You have the Right to Remain Silent.  

But when you have a criminal defense lawyer accompany you during this primary procedure, you will get thorough instruction on what to say and what not to say. This can also turn out to be a massive advantage for the future of the case.

3. Examining the Evidence and Witness Correctly

The outcome of a case depends on the evidence and witnesses. It can be complex as well as confusing at times.  The Rules of Evidence are perhaps the most difficult and confusing matters to be resolved in a criminal case.  Failure to master those rules will devastate a defendant's chances for victory at hearings and trials.  Believe me, a real trial with the rules of evidence is nothing at all like you see on television or in the movies. 

If you try to represent the case on your own, you may face several objections and interruptions from the prosecution. Whether you present evidence or witnesses, the prosecution is always likely to ask the relevancy of them.

It's also likely that you will make mistakes while cross-examining a witness. Both times, the court may prohibit and not allow your line of questioning.

On the other hand, criminal defense lawyers are professionals who know the ins and outs of presenting the evidence and examining and impeaching the government's witnesses. They know exactly what to put in front of the judge to create a proper legal argument.

In case of an objection from the prosecution regarding the relevance of witnesses or evidence, they know how to prove the relevance and why the court should allow it. They will come up with a strategic plan so that you have a maximum chance of winning the case.  As an example of the complexity of legal evidence, there are 27 legal exceptions to the Hearsay Rule!

4. Proposing the Proper Bail Applications

It's pretty straightforward. Generally, most people submit a bail application instead of waiting for a trial because one likes to stay in police custody. But the risks are that the court might refuse you unless you submit it properly.

The refusal of a bail application also means that you can't ask for the application to be reheard unless an exception applies. Since the first application could be the last one, you shouldn't take a chance.

Criminal defense lawyers are experts in submitting bail paperwork. They can submit a bail application that focuses on the necessary issues that will result in an easy escape or release from custody.

5. Presenting Your Defense

The stakes cannot be higher if you are found guilty in a criminal charge. Any mistakes in proving your innocence can cost you a lot more than you can imagine.

A financial loss is one thing, but imprisonment can be disastrous. Having an attorney to represent you will minimize the chance of finding you guilty.  In the event that the evidence presented against you is overwhelming, a properly experienced and seasoned criminal defense lawyer can lessen the severity of the punishment tremendously.

Apart from presenting the evidence and witnesses strategically in your favor, a criminal defense attorney also use their expertise in various tactics of fighting a case. Additionally, experienced criminal lawyers also maintain an excellent professional working relationship with the prosecutor.  There is a mutual respect shared among lawyers based on ethical standards and courtesy.

As a result, you will get an absolute advantage in assisting in the resolution of your charges

6. Saving You Mentally and Financially

The mental and emotional HELL that a criminal defendant charged with a crime experiences is overwhelming.  A defendant experiences many sleepless nights worrying about being locked away in a prison for long periods of time, away from their family, friends, home and work weigh heavily on defendant's hearts.  A criminal defense lawyer can help alleviate and manage those fears with their client's and the client's family by breaking down the evidence and reviewing the legal processes the defendant will face and the odds of those processes helping or hurting the defendant's chances in court or at trial.

7. Protecting Your Future

We have all heard the saying, "This is chess, not checkers."  A good criminal defense lawyer is thinking three or four moves ahead of the government when it comes to defending his client.  Certain moves made by an experienced lawyer can make the difference in your case months or years down the road for his client.  Knowledge of the law and the legal repercussions of plea negotiations and trial tactics are essential. 


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