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Sex Crimes

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Alabama Sex Crimes Lawyers

Sex crimes in Alabama are some of the most stigmatized crimes in the State. The repercussions of merely being accused of a sex crime can have life-long consequences.  A sex crime accusation can lead to job loss, long prison terms, and life-long sex offender registration.

Alabama sex offenses carry some of the harshest penalties in the Alabama Criminal Justice System. They are often a he-said/she-said situation which leads to many false allegations with little or no corroborating evidence.

Types of Sex Crimes in Alabama

Technically, any crime of a sexual nature would qualify under Alabama's sex offender laws.  Here are the most common types of sex crimes in Alabama.

  • Rape
  • Rape in the 2nd Degree Rape (sometimes called statutory rape), as provided by Section 13A-6-62.
  • Sexual Misconduct as provided by Section 13A-6-65 of the Alabama Criminal Code
  • Indecent Exposure as provided by Section 13A-6-68
  • Juvenile Sex Charges
  • Sodomy in the first degree, as provided by Section 13A-6-63.
  • Sodomy in the second degree, as provided by Section 13A-6-64.
  • Sexual torture, as provided by Section 13A-6-65.1
  • Sexual abuse in the first degree, as provided by Section 13A-6-66
  • Sexual abuse in the second degree, as provided by Section 13A-6-67
  • Enticing a child to enter a vehicle, room, house, office, or other place for immoral purposes, as provided by Section 13A-6-69.
  • Sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years old, as provided by Section 13A-6-69.1.
  • Promoting prostitution in the first degree, as provided by Section 13A-12-111.
  • Violation of the Alabama Child Pornography Act, as provided by Section 13A-12-191, 13A-12-192, 13A-12-196, or 13A-12-197.
  • Transmitting obscene material to a child by computer, as provided by Section 13A-6-111.
  • Facilitating solicitation of unlawful sexual conduct with a child, as provided by Section 13A-6-121.
  • Traveling to meet a child for an unlawful sex act, as provided in Alabama Criminal Code Section 13A-6-124

Penalties for Sex Crimes in Alabama

Sex offenses in Alabama carry heavy penalties ranging from one year in prison, to life imprisonment depending on the type and severity of the charges. Simply possessing more than three images of child pornography in Alabama can be charge as Distribution of Child Pornography drastically increasing the penalty amounts.

Registration as a Sex Offender

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Alabama's sex offender registration laws are some of the most stringent in the country. Any sex offense in Alabama requires life-long registration as a sex offender. Any sex offense in another state will be considered a sex offense in Alabama, and will require sex offender registration here. Sometimes, a crime that did not require registration as a sex offender in another state will require registration as a sex offender in Alabama.

Alabama's sex offender registry affects where a defendant my live, who they may live with, where they can be employed, and even where you can loiter.  You can be forced out of your home, neighborhood, family, job, and more.

Failure to abide by the Alabama sex offender registration laws will result in at least a class c felony.  A class c felony is punishable from one to ten years in prison for each charge.  In addition, adding additional felonies on top of a previous sex offense can likely lead to even longer sentences. 

It is very important that you speak with an attorney regarding Alabama's sex offender statute if you are being released from prison or incarceration, under an investigation for a sex offense, or having been charged with a sex crime. 

Alabama Sex Crimes Lawyer

Please contact the Patriot Law firm, and me, attorney Erik Fine, for more information about Alabama sex crimes and the Alabama sex offender registry. I started the Patriot Law firm to stand-up to false accusations of sex crimes and to the awful power of the Federal Government.

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