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  • You Have a Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel in Alabama

      A Shelby County, Alabama Lawyers Guide to Effective Assistance of Counsel  What is ineffective assistance of counsel?  Do you have a Right to an attorney in Alabama?  How good does your lawyer have to be?  Does the Constitution guarantee a Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel?    
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  • What is the Confrontation Clause Mean to Criminal Defendants

      How does the Confrontation Clause work in Alabama Criminal Cases What is the Confrontation Clause and what does it mean to an Alabama Criminal Lawyer?  The Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution was written to protect American citizens from abuses by the government.  Our Founding Father's ...
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  • Has Our Criminal Law Lost It's Mind?

      What is Mens Rea?   
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  • Bad Prosecutors and Judges in Alabama Hurt Public Trust

      Several Alabama Prosecutors and Judges Charged with Major Crimes Stories continue to mount up regarding public corruption in Alabama.  The Lee County District Attorney, Brandon Hughes, has been indicted by a Grand Jury for ethics violations and is facing perjury and theft charges.  The Lee ...
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  • Frequently Asked Questions to Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers

      10 of the most commonly asked questions by criminal law defendants to attorneys
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About the Firm

Patriot Law Firm, LLC is a Criminal Defense and Personal Injury and Accident law firm.

Headquartered in Chelsea, Alabama, it was founded by a United States Navy veteran, who after fulfilling his military service, went on to become a police officer, a paramedic, a corrections officer and then a lawyer. Patriot Law Firm, LLC brings all of that enormous training and experience to its clients in Shelby County, Alabama.

Erik Fine, founder and Principal of Patriot Law Firm, LLC, is a staunch believer in the U.S. Constitution. Mr. Fine respects and embraces the vision of freedom and liberty described by our nation's Founding Fathers and reflected in the philosophy of American Exceptionalism. You will not find someone more pro gun rights and the Second Amendment than Erik Fine.

Patriot Law Firm, LLC was established to provide dependable, sensible and affordable criminal law defense and personal injury law representation to its clients and their families.

Patriot Law Firm, LLC is committed to working diligently and tirelessly to stand with its clients by providing outstanding and ethical legal advice and service to all of its clients in their most troubling time of need. Erik Fine knows “how to play and knows how to finish.”

Whether you find yourself or a loved one as a target of prosecution who is up against the full power and potential fury of government; or, at the mercy of a self-serving insurance company concerned only with its own financial interests, Attorney Erik Fine will stand with you, providing the kind of personal, individualized legal representation and attention to detail that you deserve and that your case or claim demands.

For years, Attorney Erik Fine has provided his clients with intelligent and insightful legal advice and representation that has made the difference in their legal matters.



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Why Patriot Law Firm, LLC


Put attorney Erik Fine, an American Patriot and staunch defender of our Constitutional Rights with years of law enforcement experience and successful legal representation to work for you today. Like our forefathers, attorney Erik Fine will fight for your rights against oppression with passion, dignity, and unmatched relentlessness.