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Alabama Takes Sex Crimes Very Seriously

Posted by Erik Fine | Feb 19, 2021 | 0 Comments

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Alabama Sex Offenders Chemical Castration Law

Alabama takes sex crimes very seriously. Alabama recently passed legislation that would mandate chemical castration for sex offenders, even some already on parole or probation, who were convicted of a crime involving a child under the age of 13. Sex offenders are required to undergo chemical castration prior to being released from prison. Sex offenders charged with rape, sexual abuse of a child under 13, and more could all face forced chemical castration. The procedure is supposedly reversable, but has side effects that may include hair loss, breast enlargement, and more. The monthly cost of such “treatment,” is also extremely high, running to around $1,000 a month.

Alabama is one of seven states that have chemical castration for sex offenders, but not all of them make it mandatory. States like Texas, Iowa and Texas all have chemical castration statutes for sex crime offenders. The measure is designed, according to the Bill's sponsors, to protect children. There is no evidence anywhere that these Midevil measures actually protect anyone.

Sex Crimes Castration is a Violation of the Constitution

Most reasonable people would consider mandatory castration a violation of the Constitution. The Eight Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects against inhumane, cruel, and unusual punishment. Chemical castration of sex offenders is clearly a cruel and unusual punishment in violation of our laws. The Eight Amendment provides:

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

The U.S. Bill of Rights was inserted into the U.S. Constitution to prevent tyrannical government abuses that our colonies suffered under King George and the British Empire. Our Founders believed in Due Process for all, Human Rights, and Limited Government. 

How do we measure a punishment's cruelty? And if a punishment is cruel, why should we care whether it is “unusual”?

The Bill of Rights was added to the U.S. Constitution after ratification. The Founders feared that the Federal Government would use it's new powers the similar to how other tyrannical governments have used exclusive powers. Patrick Henry asserted, that the lack of a prohibition of cruel and unusual punishments meant that Congress could use punishment as a tool of oppression:

 “Congress . . . . may introduce the practice of France, Spain, and Germany of torturing, to extort a confession of the crime. They . . . will tell you that there is such a necessity of strengthening the arm of government, that they must . . . extort confession by torture, in order to punish with still more relentless severity. We are then lost and undone.”

 The Constitution was amended to prohibit cruel and unusual punishments as a direct result of these fears.

I have defended our Constitution my entire life, as a member of the armed services where I served proudly in our Nation's Navy, as a corrections officer, as a police officer, and now as an attorney. Each time I swore an Oath to protect our Country and our laws. Crimes against children are horrible, but are they more horrible than murder, or some other heinous crime?  Regardless, everyone in America deserves an effective criminal defense against the charges against them. And that's why I am here, I take seriously my oath to protect your Rights under our laws. 

Shelby County Sex Crimes Lawyer?

I live in Chelsea, Alabama and my office is located in Chelsea. The Patriot Law Firm, LLC will examine your case and all potential options will be discussed. I frequently defend clients charged with sex crimes throughout Alabama, especially in Shelby, Jefferson, St. Clair, Blount, and Walker Counties. Any minor slip in report by police or any space in the prosecution's case may reduce your charges or dismiss your case entirely. However, it will take a trained legal eye of Alabama Criminal Defense Attorney to expose them all.

As with any sex crime case in Alabama, you or a loved one faces severe results such as high fines, employment issues, loss of driver's license, incarceration, and life-time registration as a sex offender. It is vital to contact an Alabama Criminal Defense Attorney immediately following an accusation of a sex crime of any kind. Anyone facing a sex charge in Alabama should always contact a Shelby County Alabama sex crimes Lawyer and should do so promptly to minimize sex charges. Many times we can keep clients from even being initially charged with a sex crimes if we are contacted early enough in the process. Do NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE CHARGED WITH A SEX CRIME TO CONTACT A LAWYER, and NEVER, EVER SPEAK TO THE POLICE WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY! 

A free consultation is available with me, Chelsea Criminal defense Attorney Erik Fine, and I will examine the case against you, hire the best experts, and defend you to the best of my ability always. Your Rights are not an option, and I tyrannical government.

Call today to 205-478-2498 to speak with Attorney Erik Fine at the Patriot Law Firm anytime 24/7.

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